» ‘What do you want today? — heaven or hell ?’ ..OSHO »

‘What do you want today? — heaven or hell ?’ ..OSHO

'What do you want today? -- heaven or hell ?' ..



I have heard about a great saint who was never known to be sad.


He was nearing ninety years of age but he was always happy, always cheerful, always bubbling with joy, like a small child overflowing with joy. People gathered; they were celebrating his ninetieth birthday, and maybe this was going to be the last so all the disciples had come from faraway places.


They asked him, "We have only one question — and soon you may leave us, your body is getting older and older. Before you leave, please satisfy our inquiry: What is the secret of your joy? Nobody has ever seen you sad."


The old man laughed. He said, "There is not much of a secret in it. Early in my life I discovered that it is up to me to be in hell or to be in heaven, so every morning when I wake up, the first thing I ask myself is: 'What do you want today? — heaven or hell?'


And I always decide for heaven! That is my simple secret."





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