» when you go to sleep………..OSHO »

when you go to sleep………..OSHO

when you go to sleep...........

Remember this: when you go to sleep, say goodbye to life with great gratitude.

It has given you so much — never forget it.

I don't say to you, go to sleep praying to Jesus Christ on your knees, or Gautam Buddha or some other guy. I say to you, go to your sleep with a thankful heart for all that life has given to you: all the laughter, all the loves, all the beautiful flowers, the songs of the birds, the colorful rainbows, sunrises, Sunsets.

It has given you so much have not missed anything.

That very understanding, you no more disturb, and all is beautiful — You simply stop creating troubles for yourself; and when you stop creating troubles for yourself, the joy flows.

Your love has become your meditation, and this meditation goes on growing, and when it is growing you start becoming more and more joyful, more and more nourished.


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