» Why have parrots not been included among the gods by any race….OSHO »

Why have parrots not been included among the gods by any race….OSHO

Why have parrots not been included among the gods by any race....

Why have parrots not been included among the gods by any race, in any country, at any time? It is very clear to me that it is because parrots are just like rabbis, pundits, popes — they repeat, they don't have any spontaneous response to anything.

And priests and rabbis and popes have always been called parrots. Naturally they could not allow their competitors to be gods, and except for this I don't think there is any reason. But as far as I am concerned, for this reason only I will allow parrots into the Museum of Gods. They are the only ones who represent the whole priesthood of all the religions.

The researchers have sent their report to me:

Many birds have been objects of worship down through history. Among the Indians of the northwest coast of America, the crow and raven are worshipped. They believe that the birds produce dry land by the beating of their wings. In India offerings are regularly made to crows, which are believed to be ancestors.

The Apaches of North America believe that there are spirits of divine origin in the eagle and other birds. The Ostiaks regard a tree as holy on which an eagle has nested. The eagle owl is worshipped as a mediator, and the owl is particularly important among the Ainus; its cry may not be imitated, since it is believed to be capable of bewitching. In parts of Australia, the wren is worshipped. In Central America, Brazil, and West Africa the thunderbird is known as the god of the tempest. In many countries the swallow is regarded as a sacred bird. Misfortune will come to anyone who kills it, and it may not be touched or caught. It is also taboo to take the nest of a swallow.

In India itself the Hindus have believed that the fish is the first incarnation of God, the tortoise is another, the pig is another. But the researchers were concerned that parrots are not mentioned anywhere, and they could not find the reason. It is clear that the parrot is so much like the pundit, or the rabbi, repeating the scriptures; so much like the priest, bishop, cardinal or pope that they cannot allow these fellows. It is a question of business. These parrots repeat whatever you say, they don't answer.


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