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Why I use so many jokes…OSHO

Why I use so many jokes...

Boredom is human. And because man can become bored, man can laugh also. Laughter is another extreme of the same energy. The whole spectrum is between boredom and laughter.

That's why I use so many jokes — because I know religious truths are very boring. So first I take you towards boredom, I go into delicate matters — mm? — I take you into boredom. When I see now it is too much and you will not be able to tolerate any more, then I tell you a joke. The pendulum swings back. You are happy again.

Danny discovered his wife was cheating with another guy, so he went to this guy's wife and told her about it.

"I know what we will do," she said, "let's take revenge on them."

So they went to a motel and had revenge on them.

She said, "Let's have more revenge," and they kept having revenge, revenge….

Finally Danny said, "That's enough revenge — I have no more hard feelings left."



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