» You need a balanced life in which reason and heart move in harmony…OSHO »

You need a balanced life in which reason and heart move in harmony…OSHO

You need a balanced life in which reason and heart move in harmony...


You have to be alert not to allow the heart to start overpowering your reason, just as you have to be alert that your reason does not overpower your heart. Their functions are separate.


Reason should function in the world of objects, and the heart should function in the world of human consciousness. And the moment they overlap, there is going to be a certain kind of mess.


And whenever you feel it, that the man is so loving, how to say no to him? don't be worried. It has been my whole life's difficulty — because everybody in India is so full of knowledge, and all that knowledge is simply holy cow dung, there is nothing in it.


But these people are good, this is the problem. The people are good: very generous, very loving, very helpful. Only their hearts have overrun their heads, so whatsoever they are saying… you have to be a little alert.


And when you say no to them, they feel hurt; they think their love is rejected.


So you have to be very careful and very articulate.


It is a difficult task — it was for me, because with my family, my teachers, my professors… everywhere I was in difficulty. Because I could not see how a well-educated professor could be talking such nonsense, without even being aware at all that what he is saying is nonsense.


And he is a good man, there is no doubt about his sincerity. It is simply that his reason is retarded. Only the heart has grown, and it has its beauty. But the heart is leading the reason


people are not rational. Even those who pretend to be rational, their behavior is very irrational.

They will be very loving, but don't allow them to destroy your reason. The heart has to grow, reason has to become sharp — because both have to fulfill their functions in the totality of your growth.


A man with a great heart and a great intelligence, without any conflict between them, is truly a genius.

And everybody has the possibility, but everybody is either dominated by logic or dominated by the heart. Everybody is living a lopsided life.


Have you seen any advertisements for circuses? When a circus comes to a town — I have seen it in many towns — they have bicycles, with one wheel small and one wheel big. And the big wheel's center is not in the center, it is off-center. So the man riding on the bicycle comes up, goes down, comes up, goes down — naturally he attracts everybody's attention — "What is happening?" A man suddenly comes up and goes down… and he is a joker, wearing the joker's dress… and the name of the circus, and the timings and the tickets and everything… A single man will attract everybody — a simple device.


But seeing that kind of advertisement, I saw that this is the situation of almost every man.

You have two wheels, the reason and the heart.


Somebody's heart is big and their reason is small — then he goes up and down.

Somebody's reason is big and his heart is small — then he goes up and down.

Everybody is going up and down — and for whom are you advertising?


And it is not easy to sit on that bicycle, I have tried it. It is a very difficult job.

But people are living this way — unbalanced.


You need a balanced life in which reason and heart move in harmony, supporting each other, helping each other. So whenever you see that anybody — either from the East or from the West — is disturbing your harmony, stop him.

Stop him lovingly, there is no need to be rude.


But don't be silent, because to be silent is to be rude. You have allowed that man to move in a wrong way, you were not compassionate enough.



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