» You see that you go on fighting. Should you accept this too? I say yes….OSHO »

You see that you go on fighting. Should you accept this too? I say yes….OSHO

You see that you go on fighting. Should you accept this too? I say yes....


You see that you go on fighting. Should you accept this too? I say yes.


Only by accepting it will it disappear. Through acceptance, things change. You should accept everything, even the fight. What can you do? If you are fighting and pushing the river, you will be creating another problem. If I say 'Don't fight', then you will start fighting your fight. That will be even more subtle. It will be on a deeper level. The fight will remain. When I say 'Drop fighting', I am not saying 'Start fighting against fight'. I am saying 'Accept'. If you feel like pushing the river, push. Don't create a new fight against it. Go on pushing, just seeing the whole nonsense of it. See that it is stupid, that what you are doing is stupid. The river cannot be pushed back. Go on pushing and go on watching and accept it.


In that acceptance, in that awareness, one day suddenly you will find your hands have stopped. But it is not that you have stopped them — if you stop them then you have missed. Then again it has been a fight of stopping. First you were fighting with the river, then you started fighting with your fighting — and you are somehow holding your hands so that they don't start pushing the river again. This will not be a very beautiful state. It will be tense, there will be anguish, and you will be holding yourself You will not be flowing, you will not be streaming with joy, you will be repressing. And at any moment, at any opportunity, you will again start pushing the river. How long can you repress the desire?


So listen to me, listen very meditatively. If you are pushing the river I am not saying stop it, I am simply saying that by pushing the river nothing is achieved. Listen to it. Let this sink into your heart. And if you feel like pushing because of old habits — you have been pushing for many lives — -go on pushing, but go on seeing the fact that this is stupid, that you are being stupid. Don't pull away from it, don't try to control yourself. Let it happen — but with the vision that it is stupid, that it is meaningless, that nothing is going to come out of it. Let it happen — but with no expectation, waiting for frustration, knowing perfectly well that frustration is coming, that you are wasting your energy, that it is because of old habits. Go on, don't pull back.


And one day you will see that the hands are getting slower and slower. You are not pushing as hard as you used to. And some day, when you have a clear vision, when you are transparent, you will see the whole absurdity. Seeing, there is transformation. Once seen totally, the hands simply stop. Not that you stop them, they stop of their own accord. And when they stop of their own accord there is great grace, there is great beauty.



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